60 Summit Street
Brighton, Michigan

About Us

How we got started and what we stand for.


We built this company on the foundation of faith and that will never change.


We treat each employee like family and we strive to make sure they are provided for.


We know that the customer is the driving force of our company that without them we do not exist.

Blood bought and paid for more than 2000 years ago.

How We Got Started

In 1979, Dan O’Neill began as an apprentice with Duke Roofing in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He quickly gained momentum in the roofing industry and became Vice President of the local Roofers Union.

Spirit Roofing Co.

In 1983, Dan founded Spirit Roofing Co. in Brighton, Michigan. Starting from the ground up, Spirit quickly became a respected and reliable name in the roofing industry.

Spirit and Sons, Inc.

In April of 2011, Dan officially welcomed his two sons into the company and it was officially renamed to Spirit and Sons, Inc.

Where We're Headed

Our vision for the future is to be a faith-based company that people and businesses can count on to be honest and fair. We will continue to provide the quality and service that we have committed to for the last three decades.

Our Story

Dan O’Neill, the president of Spirit & Sons, Inc., started off by doing sheet sheet metal and flat roofing in the Union, for Duke roofing,and several other companies. Dan worked his way up the ladder to eventually become the Vice President of Local 70 the roofers union in Ann Arbor. After holding the position he left to start his own co.. On the way to county building to register a name that he had not known yet he prayed to God that he would bring him a name to build on. Staying true to his christian belief God brought the name Spirit to him. The clerk was sure the name had already been taken but as The Lord proved Spirit Roofing had not been registered. Spirit Roofing, Co. Inc. was born in 1983 with a beat up pick up truck, a hammer, knife, trowel, and faith that God would bless the company. Spirit Roofing existed for 27 years and when his kids came into the business he changed the name accordingly to Spirit & Sons, Inc. Dan built the company based on the Principle that as long as he puts his faith in God, and gives his customer the best roof and the best workmanship he will prosper. Prosper he has; for the last 30 years Dan has built his company doing repeat work for franchises such as McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Tim Hortons, as well as long time business with GC’s and property Management companies. Spirit & Sons have nine employees which allows them to keep a close eye on quality control. Though Spirit & Sons is a family owned business, it would not be where it’s at without great employees– some of whom have been around more than 27 years– shows that they trust and respect what Dan and Spirit represent.